April fools party

Me at April fools party

The April Fools party Is a party that holds once a year. The icon to click it is upside-down, due to the celebration. The music is Jam On.

Random pinsEdit

There are some spots that when you click on it, the pin will appear randomly.


The things are normally upside down. The stuff like "Wacky item", it's invisible.

Funny foodEdit

It's so silly that if you click on a food, you got the wrong food!!!

Funny gamesEdit

It's so funny that you think that game is the game shown on the arcade machine. April fools!!! It's not that game! The sky high game machine is Spider Zapper and the Fruit Slinger machine is Pill Bugs. The Eat Em' Up machine is still Eat Em' Up.

More funny stuffEdit

The phantoms up there is not funny to me. There is the beach-themed room and APRIL FOOLS!!! There's no shop there!!! There is the Christmas-themed room and APRIL FOOLS!!! You didn't get a gift!!!