Panda's of the beyond

Pandas everywhere!

Oh how here, Princess Smartypanda was the first panda to live in Jamaa. Now, she was in a faraway land telling other pandas about Jamaa. "Jamaa is a home to millions of animals," begin Princess. "Oh yeah!" cried Sir very cool. "Wow!" shouted Twinkle happyly. "Can we go with you?" asked Master. Princess nodded. After a few hours, Princess and the pandas climbed on board. When they got to Jamaa, everybody screamed because of the strangers! "Don't be afraid," ccommanded Princess. "These are the pandas. They have came to live in Jamaa." Everybody cheered. Everybody was so happy. The pandas have entered the new world.

About this storyEdit

This story has been told from my mother. She knows about me still. She loves me forever!