Princess Smartypanda is gone. Now here comes Enchanted Rainypride and Mythical Coolwolf. Enchanted as bunny and Mythical as wolf. One day, Mythical was coming down to the Wolves Only Party. "Hey girly wolf, wanna come for some snacking and fun?" said a stranger. "No," Mythical said. She hurried through the path. Then she found a long-lost book hidden in the mud. Mythical picked it up and started to read it,

"When bunnies and wolves first came to Jamaa, they loved the shining stars and moon. They lived like heaven and they never died. The rain brings them fresh water. The sun always keeps the day..."

Mythical kept reading. At the last page, she found a picture of a bunny-wolf ying-yang. She found out that is the book by Mira, the mother of Jamaa. Mythical kept it as her heavenly dreams.