Welcome to animal jam! There are many things you can do on animal jam. Let me tell you some.

Things to doEdit

Hang with buddies! Buddies are your friends on animal jam! How do I buddy someone? Click on someones name/user. Click the big button on the top that almost looks like two animals holding hands. It will say you sent this person a buddy request. How do I know if they are my buddy? If you want to know if they are your buddy or not, a little card will pop up and say, "princess smartypanda is now your buddy" or whoever you just clicked. How do I know if a buddy is on? In the left corner, you will see that same sign you saw last time when you clicked someone and wanted to be their buddy. When you click it, you will see a green dot or a brown one. The green dot tells you if they are online. The brown dot tells you if they are off. How can I find a buddy? Do the same as you did to see if a buddy was online or not. Your buddy list is in order by what letter your username starts with. For example, Animaljam200, Bluedog. How can i block a buddy or report them? If you want to block a buddy click their username and click the red circle with a red line cutting it. Then it will say are you sure you want to block this person? Click yes or no. If you want to report the player/buddy, click the police hat. It will say what did they do or why do you want to report them. It will give you some examples of what they could have done. When you have picked what they have done to you, click the report button or send. It will say do you want to block this player? Click yes or no. After you have reported them log off and get back on when you want to. If it is your buddy, unbuddy them.