Non members don't deserve more. National geographic has a lot of money but they use it in different ways. They have youtube channels, tv advertisments, books, games, etc. Non members are given a chance in animal jam to decorate their dens. Because non members don't have much stuff, dens are are very creative. Non members looks also are creative. Most non members are a bratt so they act all mean to members because they can have everthing in the game, like fman122, wretched jungle, lost jammer, etc (hackers). Membership is very expensive with diamonds, gems, and other store items (not in the game though) because they need money to run the game. We don't have a big job, well besides playing animal jam. Because we don't make any games or/and sell stuff on them, we don't know how much work needs to be put into it. If you don't agree then your just being bratty. At least think of this and it might make you re-think all this stuff. Also, be grateful that animal jam hq just got the new non member pig in the diamond store for 5 diamonds. So now you have a diamond animal too. If you want a Hyena, then try to do some chores to get money for it, or get a gift card from your birthday or christmas.