Welcome to the Wiki News Crew. This is where we can send reports about what's happening in Jamaa. So be sure to join us!

The assignment

Every month, there will be an assignment! Be sure to check the due date and the topic! Submit your report by writing it as a blog post! When the assignment is over, one lucky jammer will recieve a prize. The prize will be a chat template or free 3 month membership at Princess' club.


  • Lots of jammers are going to read the reports. So make sure it's appropriate.
  • Cannot be over 250 words.
  • It must include a screenshot. To learn how to take a screenshot, click here.
  • It should be a blog post.

If the report breaks the rules, it cannot be consindered for the news crew.


These little raccoons scurrying across Jamaa, let's welcome them! To make the raccoon population grow, we want you to make a report about them! Do a research on raccoons at Raccoon or at other research sites like World Book and National Geographic. So are you a little excited about these new critters? DUE: March 25

The winner


A note for nonmembers

If the assignment is about an animal or pet you can't get, don't give up. You can use other people that can get the animal or pet.