Xx_Em0_F0x_xX iz an totaly eroding and body handsome fox who's parent both ceded and left em. (that what he think really but he killed them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,)

h es VERY EDGEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

he has healing, dark, light, fire earth air water phantoms

every1 love him but he himself hate

he iz uber powerful and kiled a king phantom loking by at it

he is im/une to phantom sludge he is mirrrrra's favorite jammer he is also secret a demon

They most powerful thing to ever be existing

he is king of pantz and love mira

he killz4ed Zioz ded

and he is son of all the alphas

he also complete invincible to everything ever

he i s love with mira is his wife and they make out a lot

more 2 come